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Arts and health collaboration

“Some of what has given me the most knowledge in this innovation project is ensuring that people from other professional fields are involved from the start. That collaboration has been truly unique, and for me, it’s the greatest gift I’ve received, and to become aware of the importance of working interdisciplinary and moving outside the hospital frame to find our collaborators.”

Leading midwife, Ann Fogsgaard, RHG

About: Sensory Delivery Room : Gødstrup

Bridging the gap between arts and health

“I hope that this can set a precedent for hospitals around Denmark. I hope it’s something that can help bridge the gap between the healthcare system and art and the rituals. Because I believe that bouquet can be very meaningful for people. Both for staff but also for those who are touched by the hospital. And that’s all of us at some point in our lives.”

Director and actor, Thure Lindhardt

About: Caring place for stillbirths

A dignified memory

“Well, for me personally, it triggered some emotions and thoughts about my father that I hadn’t considered in a while. It’s interesting how some memories come flooding back unexpectedly. But, it was a warm experience and a good way to say goodbye to him. Again, it wasn’t just a quiet moment where you sat and looked at him and talked over him, but you actually somehow included him in it.”

Relative, Palliative Care Unit, RHG

About: Ritual of remembrance

Arts into the heart of the hospital

“Bringing art and artists into a hospital expands the perspective we have as healthcare professionals. It adds another dimension in working with people and their health. The further into the hospital we go, the closer we get to where the patients stay, and the less we actually have of art and culture. It’s an ambition and a vision we have. It’s that art and culture should go all the way into the hospital rooms where the patients are.”

Director of Nursing, Rikke Degn, RHG

About: Ritual of remembrance

Calmness in emergency situations

”There is an emergency button if an emergency arises. But we don’t use it. We had an emergency where anesthetists and pediatricians were present, but the North Sea waves were still in the background. And that also provides a calmness in an emergency, where we, of course, work as effectively as we usually do, but the stress that can come from suddenly having 10-12 extra people in the room is dampened.”

Specialty Chief Obstetrician, Lars Burmester, RHN

About: Sensory Delivery Room : Hjørring

A new mental space for creativity

“In terms of transformation within the department, I believe a project like this can help bring out that creative idea space in the staff. Instead of going through the same routines every day, it’s beneficial to introduce new perspectives from time to time.”

Chief Nurse, Lene Høgsberg, Palliative Care Unit, RHG

About: Ritual of remembrance

Sound environments of nature

”Sound is truly, truly important in terms of how we feel, how we find ourselves in a place. And there is new research showing that living by a highway can be detrimental to health, even when we sleep. And one thing many of us seek regarding sound environments is nature or the sea. That’s what most people mention when asked about preferred sound environments. I find it very interesting to examine the qualities, for example, of the sea. It’s something about its predictability. That is, we feel safe, we know what’s going to happen here. There are waves, and we can see them, and it all fits together. And there’s a rhythm to it, there’s a pulse to it. At the same time, it’s constantly changing.”

Composer, Marie Koldkjær Højlund, Ph.d

About: Sensory Delivery Room : Hjørring

"The third space" in the arts and health synergy

“It must be a collaboration between different subject groups and disciplines, in this case, the hospital staff, nurses and the artists. When we meet in an interdisciplinary way, we create ‘a third space’, a space between us, where there is made room for it, and that makes the practice truly interesting.

Director and actor, Thure Lindhardt

About: Ritual of remembrance

An atmosphere of contentment

“I gave birth in the tub and went there shortly after we had arrived at the delivery room. We chose a snowy landscape because it was December 28th, so that was very much the mental atmosphere at that time. I probably zoned out a bit from what was in the room when I had contractions, but it was a really nice place to land between contractions, where I could lie down and just stare and be.”

New mother, Hjørring

About: Sensory Delivery Room : Hjørring

Work satisfaction

“It’s a sense of satisfaction, knowing that I’ve contributed to facilitating something positive and a good conclusion. Somehow, it allows for closure around the course of illness and the relatives, creating a space where they can be.”

Nurse, Marianne Munksgaard, Palliative Care Unit, RHG

About: Ritual of remembrance

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