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health integrated arts

Every week + 100 danish families give birth in one of “our” delivery rooms.

We help hospitals to bridge the gap between arts and health and bring art into the most important memories of our life.

Research-based innovation together with

”It is not exactly the presence of a thing but rather the absence of it that becomes the cause and impulse for creative motivation”

Alexander Archipenko

Health integrated art building a critical case

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Image: Delivery room, designed for families with still born kids, Aalborg University Hospital

What is the power of a critical case?

We believe in a curious research-based practice, that build on the scientific results from world leading researchers in the domain of Arts and Health, following the lines of WHO. This has proven beneficial to stimulate innovation and local cultures on Danish hospitals. We always build the artworks in close collaboration with the health straff and patients to build common art hypothesis for improved performance and wellbeing. The intervention is highly pupular, and is now used as a benchmark in the Regional Birth manuals in Denmark.

Atmosphares in health spaces

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Bridge the gap between Arts & Health

Our curious interdisciplinary team of innovators in Health & Art, makes us the ideal partner to help organizations to embed arts as a driver for innovation in healthcare practice:

In 2023 we lead and raised funds to arts and health projects with leading danish museums and hospitals, including: Aros, Kunsten, Viborg Animation School, Odin Theater, House of Music, Nature Ministry, Local artists. Gødstrup Hospital & Aalborg University Hospital.

In 2022 we led the design, implementaiton and funding of + 10 site-specific digital artworks for 8 Delivery rooms in Gødstrup, 1 in Aalborg and supported our 4 rooms in Hjørring, Denmark.

Every week +100 danish families enjoy our spaces and health integrated art, as the scene for one of the most important menories in their life.

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Chasing Moods

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Chasing Moods: Site-specific video and sound artworks from local nature described as “meaningful” by local patients.

Space for ritual practice

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Gift from the West coast , Ritual artwork celebrating the birth of a child.

Lyset (The Light), a non-religious memorial ritual for families with stillborn kids.