The Ocean, 2021


We explore the synergies created in the intersection between Art & Health professionals in the pursuit of new fields of health-integrated arts. Since 2015 studio poēsís has pioneered, refined, and validated methodologies that facilitate meaningful partnerships between health and art professionals. This synergy enables the engineering of intricate sensory narratives tailored to address specific psychological, emotional, and adapt to physiological needs of patients within specific demographics and cultures.

Bridging the know-do gap

We believe that the ‘sensed environment’ significantly influences our self-understanding and position in the world [4, 8, 11, 22, 23]. Motivated by strong voices from the international scientific communities [3, 5 16] we have developed techniques to bridge the know-do gap [17] between artists and health professionals. The development of this technological platform enables us to articulate responsive and adaptive spaces that respond to patients changing needs and further realise that the adaptive space has become a resource in the professional ‘act of care’, ‘act of treatment’ and rehabilitation [18]. Our projects are often positioned on the edge of existing practice; hence we celebrate collaboration with researchers from the traditional clinical practice as well as the ethnographic research discipline.

Crafting sensorial environments

We have not found a ‘one size fits all’ solution to sensory spaces but found a method to integrate sensorial and existential artistic practice into the heart of the hospitals. One of these methods includes interviews with +30 local patients, to map significant atmospheres from the local nature [18], which we call an Atmospheric Gap analysis. The artist team sets out to ‘capture’ these often-scenic atmospheres from local nature. In collaboration with composers, we develop unique high-quality moods, which are building-integrated, connected to the lighting system and complimented with an interior design recommendation which celebrates the long-lasting quality of biophilic and Nordic design [26, 29, 31, 35]. In these spaces, we tailor the space to fit the needs of patients and healthcare professionals. Our artworks have proven to calm, relax as well as energise and activate patients, we have developed special moods for pain management and aesthetic spaces for ritual practice and cultural diversity. Our artworks can be adapted to existing spaces or integrated into the building process. The integrated technologies are neatly hidden to promote the responsive and adaptive space. We call the spaces ‘spatial instruments’ which can be tuned by staff, patients, and relatives to support care and treatment.

Foto: Morten Hilmer, 2021

Approaching the healthcare design from an aesthetic perspective can make more humane spaces, that shape the quality of our memories, and when exposed to an unavoidable life tragedy, you need a professional caring positive distraction from the health professionals as well as the atmosphere [2]. We have gathered a collection of testimonials, which highlights some of these qualities. One of which we would like to share here, is ‘It is like getting a hug from the space’, which beautifully illustrates the comforting and intimate quality an atmosphere can provide.

“To be in resonance with the world that surrounds us is essential for our sense of belonging, which is particularly important in life’s difficult and existential moments. We want to help hospitals, by introducing crafted sensorial experiences that support the ‘act of care’ and ‘act of treatment’ and bring colour to some of the most important memories of our life.”

Architect and designer, Esben Bala Skouboe

Building Arts in Health projects

We are a collective of professional artists, and together we master the sound and music, the camera, the paintbrush, computational technologies, and the act of performance. We have through our projects experienced great satisfaction and pride in working interdisciplinary and collaborating with patients, relatives and health professionals when crafting sensitive sensorial environments.


Building an innovation project with us is a comprehensive but inspiring affair, and we will guide the design and realisation process from initial funding to maintenance and often contribute to the subsequent research and documentation. Today we have strong relationships with all our clients, who would love to share their experiences.

Arts in Health synergies

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