Foto: Robin Skjoldborg

Thure Lindhardt
Director and actor

“To be in resonance with the world that surrounds us is essential for our sense of belonging. The physical world surrounding us, the sounds we encounter, as well as the atmosphere and mood we are met with affect us, just as we affect our surroundings. The German thinker Hannah Arendt articulated what she called the plurality of mankind as the paradox that arises from the fact that people are both different and equal at the same time. If we focus too much on similarities, we lose our individuality and focusing too much on our differences, we are in danger of narcissism. Balance arises when we cross-pollinate, when we listen to others’ ways of doing things, let ourselves be inspired, and contribute with our experiences. Therefore, Arts & Health is a very important platform for me. Here we can create new ideas, and common thought forms, inspire, and receive. In the work we have done together in Studio Poesis with the design and ritualization of the birthing room and the department for palliative care, it has been a gift to work across professional groups.

Together with healthcare professionals, hospital chaplains, and artists from disciplines different from my own, we have embraced our differences and listened intently to discover what unites us as humans.”


Thure Lindhardt


TVprisen: Årets nyskabelse, ”Krag & Virkner”, 2023
Lauritzen award, 2014
Teaterpokalen, 2013
Shooting start at Berlin International Film Festival, 2000

CV and projects

Thure is an award-winning actor and director. He is naturally curious, a trait evident in all aspects of his work. He graduated from the Acting School at Odense Theatre in 1998 and has appeared in over 80 films, TV series, and theatre productions, including ‘Broen,’ ‘Fammen og citronen,’ and ‘Hamlet.’ Additionally, he is a trained Acting Coach from the Ivana Chubbuck Studio in Los Angeles, with extensive experience in training and teaching dramaturgy and the associated physical elements in storytelling.

Foto: Tobias Kobborg/Ritzau Scanpix

Foto: Sebastian Stigsbye

Foto: Paolo Impagliazzo

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