Poesis consultancy is based on the specialist knowledge developed during the last 10 years research by Esben Bala Skouboe. Esben has worked on the edge of everyday life and research - producing a series radical designs solutions in various fields, from street lighting, to healthcare and public interactive art.
His work is published in different scientific fora from international conferences in healthcare, architecture, computer science, lighting design and in various journals and books.

His deep understanding of the performative potential in design and technologies gives a unique perspective to any products and service. Through workshops, talks and dialogue he can facilitate your next innovative sprint.
Esben is rewarded with a PhD. degree, he has sold his first start-up and is rewarded with a honor for exemplary practice by the Partness foundation. Esben has already helped a series of professional clients, pushing their products and practice to new heights.

Challenge your thinking and be inspired by an engaged performance that technology in a cocktail of with the flavour of evidence based design practice in Healthcare, public space, art or architecture.


Are you tired of the post-it entusiasts behind the whiteboard? Try a new and completly different, dynamic and creative approach to innovation. In the workshop you will be introduced to tools and techniques to approach innovation from a Radical Design Thinking perspecitve and visit potentials new markets and oportunities you would never have thought. We prepare and challenge you to mix. customer needs, design thinkiing and evidence based techniques to realise your new potentials.    
We have areanged workshops on universities and on innovative hospitals. If you are interested do not hessitage to book a meeting.

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Thinking Design as a service
If you have a project that need a creative boost, book a meeting.

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The deep understanding for human perception, architecture and computational technologies, allow Studio Poesis to apply design thinking methods on the highest level and in different sectors: from health to public space from art and commercial product. Esbens has through the last 10 years showcased work for a range of established and strong brands and institutions.
If you have a project that need a creative boost, book a meeting.

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