"Imagine a world where design is produced by local bees and waste is honey and pollinated flowers."



Bees are gastronomes, gardeners, pollinators, dancers, soldiers, architects, cleaners, craftsmen and more but are they also lamp makers?

Bee'otopia is a radical art & design research project, developed as a part of the exhibition "Space Crazy" at The Utzon Center in Aalborg. During the summer 2019 we have explored the mind-blowing creative power of nature´s own master builders, when we engage in design dialogues to build lampshades, enjoy the taste of honey and harvest pollinated fruits and flowers.

The project investigates a natural design and production utopia, where design and production happen in a symbiotic relation between designer and bees, when we  '3-D print unique beewax lampshades. The project challenges our contemporary globalized consumption paradigm, where resources are mined, treated and shipped worldwide to support an unsustainable lifestyle. Can we imagine consumption that would support the life in nature, rather than destroying it?

What if we can grow our design locally in a fruitful symbiosis with nature?  Then - what would our factories look like? What would the waste be? And - can we reduce polluting transportation?  These are ongoing conversations with children in the exhibition and around the hive placed in the flowery garden at the Utzon Center or at the various workshops during the exhibition time. We dream about a world where design is built in nature together with nature.

The output of the exhibition has been a larger awareness of how things are made and where things come from. Further, has The Utzon Center planted beautiful insect friendly flowers in their garden, which inspired Aalborg Municipality to speed up their focus on biodiversity in parks. 
  The exhibition also showcase experimental artwork from Reiulf Ramsted ArchitectsCobe, Adept, YokeJAJA Architects.
Thanks to inspiring and creative beekeeper Ivan Nielsen from Himmerlandsk Bier and Aalborg Biavlerforening, for helping us understand the life and nature of the bees.



Bier er gastronomer, gartnere, bestøvere, dansere, soldater, arkitekter, rengøringseksperter, håndværkere og meget mere,  men er de "lampe byggere"?

Bee'otopia er et radikalt aktionsforskningsprojekt inden for kunst og design. Projektet er udviklet som en del af udstillingen: "Rumtosset" på Utzon Center i Aalborg. I løbet af sommeren 2019, har vi udforsket naturens mesterbyggeres enorme kreative kraft, når vi engagerer os i designdialoger for at bygge lampeskærme, nyde smagen af honning og høste frugter og frø fra bestøvede blomster.

Projektet undersøger en naturlig design og produktionsutopi, hvor design og produktion sker i et symbiotisk forhold mellem natur og designer, når vi 3-D printer unikke bivoks lampeskærme. Projektet udfordrer vores moderne, globaliserede forbrugsparadigme, hvor ressourcer udvindes, behandles og sendes rundt over hele verden for at understøtte en uholdbar livsstil. Kan vi forestille os forbrug, der vil understøtte livet i naturen, i stedet for at ødelægge det?

Hvad nu hvis vi kan gro vores design lokalt i en frugtbar symbiose med naturen? Hvordan vil vores fabrikker komme til at se ud? Hvad ville være affald? Og - kan vi reducere den forurenende transport? Dette er igangværende samtaler med børn i udstillingen. Vi drømmer om en verden, hvor design er bygget i naturen sammen med naturen.

Resultaterne fra udstillingen har været en større bevidsthed om, hvordan ting lages og hvor de kommer fra. Yderligere har Utzon Center plantet smukke insektvenlige blomster i deres gårdhave, hvilket inspirerede Aalborg Kommune til at fremskynde deres fokus på biodiversitet i parker og på gader. Udstillingen har også givet en større bevidsthed om, hvordan vores design produceres og hvor de kommer fra. Yderligere har Utzon Center plantet smukke insektvenlige blomster i deres gårdhave, hvilket har inspireret Aalborg Kommune til at fremskynde deres fokus på biodiversitet i parker og på gader -dette har resulteret i smukke vej rabatter og parker i Aalborg 2019.

’Rumtosset’ udstillingen var også et udstillingsvindue for Reiulf Ramsted Arkitekter, Cobe, Adept, Yoke, JAJA Arkitekter, og takket være den inspirerende og kreative biavler Ivan Nielsen fra Himmerlandsk Bier og Aalborg Biavlerforening har vi haft gode bi mentorer som har hjulpet os med at forstå biernes liv og natur.



Beekeeping: Himmerlandskebier, Ivan B. Nielsen, Head of exhibitions at The Utzon Center: Line Eriksen Gadget Group, v Peer Klausen, Surface treatment: Anezka Marie Sokol




Billede taget af faren umiddelbart efter fødslen.
Billede taget af faren umiddelbart efter fødslen.

"There is a long tradition of architects and designers finding design solutions and drawing inspiration from 'nature'. Jørn Utzon insisted that all design should be based on a love and understanding of nature's phenomena, if it is to attain greater harmony between life and the world around us." 

From the exhibition text 'Rumtosset' at The Utzon Center.

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality.
To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”

— Buckminster Fuller

C.S. Lewis


Light studies



The Beeotopia mindset transforms our gardens, landscapes, and parks. During the spring of 2019, a beautiful flowering garden was build in The Utzon Center and Aalborg Municipality has developed a more sensitive gardening policy that favors biodiversity and life in nature.



During summer 2019 we explored how we can build lampshades together with local bees, beekeepers, and children. Did you know that things and food have traveled more than 1.000.000 km to find you every day? This is 25 times around the earth, just to sustain your western lifestyle! We investigate new design-, production-, and consumption practices in exploitative design workshops.


Workshop for children: Honey harvest in Beeotopia at the Utzon Center, 2019


Leaning about biodiversity and local production include a sensitivity for what we eat together.


Circular building techniques and Circular economies are movements we admire. But is it possible to imagine even more radical solutions to our ecological crises? Can we reimagine the way we consume and build such that it produces and support life in nature? In Beeotopia the waste is pollinated flowers and fresh honey.
Circular building and economy is movements we admire, but is it possible to imagine an even more radical solutions to our growing ecological crises?

Behind the scene

Welcome inside the beehive, these recordings are taken during summer 2019. 

Bee scaffolding! This is called festooning, and this is how bees make naturally drawn foundation. The bees use their bodies, hanging leg to leg, as a framework to draw new comb.

See the lamp in the top of the image. Here you can see a scaffold of bees hanging more than 1 meter.

This timelaps sequence shows the life in a beehive, when the sun set and 60.000 bees come home to the hive.