Arts & Health Collective

Studio Poesis is a collective of experts who pursue a new field of health-integrated arts & practice. Through a deep collaboration on all levels and across knowledge silos, we believe that beauty and the qualities of arts can enrich the most important memories in our lives.

Our team of curious experts is award-winning doctors, surgeons, researchers, architects, musicians, nature photographers, interaction designers & more. We build site-specific projects in close collaboration with the hospitals. Reach out

Esben Bala Skouboe

Esben is an award-winning architect and researcher with a PhD. in responsive architecture. Esben has +10 years of experience in research and project leadership in the healthcare sector.

Per Thorgaard

Per is one of the few anesthesia doctors who also have a Danish Music Award. Per has more than 30 years of building bridges between the art and health sectors to enrich patients’ and personal everyday life.

Marie Hjøllund

Marie is an award-winning composer and researcher with a PhD. in sound and Healthcare. Marie has performed on the greatest danish concert stages, and theaters, and at the same time she has a deep compassion to bring sound and music into people’s lives.

Lars Burmester

Lars is an experienced obstetric surgeon with more than 20 years of practice both as a department leader and expert surgeon. In 2019 the sensory delivery rooms were introduced in Hjørring, hence Lars has extensive experience on a practical level of working in and around the multisensory art installations in the sensory environment.

Morten Hilmer

Morten is an award-winning nature photographer and nature lover. Morten has a deep passion for nature and storytelling, his work is enjoyed by many and he is recognized by one of the world’s best wildlife photographers. Today he is a Nikon ambassador.

Jeffrey Serio

Jeffrey is an expert in interaction design. He has educated in computer science and specialised in Architecture & Design. Jeffrey has the technical expertise and experience to lead the building of complex interactive systems in the healthcare sector.

Sensory delivery room
Delivery room before and after the project. see case

“It is not exactly the presence of a thing but rather the absence of it that becomes the cause and impulse for creative motivation”

Ukraian sculpture Alexander Archipenko