Arts in Health Collective

Studio Poesis is a collective of experts who pursue a new field of health-integrated arts. Through deep collaborations between health- and art professionals, we help craft sensual stimuli that support us in the most important memories of our lives – the birth of our children or the death of our loves.

Building deep innovation for cultural transformations demands a wide range of experts working closely together. We have since 2015 developed and tested methods that enable us to help bridge the knowledge gap between health and art professionals to craft complex sensorial experiences that address specific groups of patient’s psychological, emotional, and physiological needs. To benefit patients, staff & relatives.

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Esben Bala Skouboe

Esben is an award-winning architect and researcher; his work has been exhibited, among other places, at the Architecture Biennale in Venice. He has experience in curating complex design projects in the healthcare sector. He has a Ph.D. in responsive architecture. Esben has worked with healthcare design since 2015.

Esben is the receiver of the Parckness Foundation Architecture Prize for his innovative approach to architecture.


Morten Hilmer

Morten is a nature photographer and author. With his award-winning nature images, which hover on the boundary between photography and art, he can capture fascinating moods from nature that are perceived as thought-provoking and enchanting. Morten photographs for WWF and has unique experience in developing and delivering high-quality video content. Morten has previously served in the Sirius Patrol in Northeast Greenland and is a member of ILCP.

Today he is a Nikon ambassador.

Marie Hjøllund

Marie is an award-winning musician, composer, sound artist, and researcher, specializing in creating site-specific listening experiences. In her work, she has been involved with sensory concerts and sound design as part of a mental health-promoting treatment. Marie has written her Ph.D. titled: “Overhearing: An Attuning Approach to Noise in Danish Hospitals” and is employed as an associate professor at Aarhus University in the field of Audio Design.

Marie is the receiver of several awards: Carl Nielsens Price 2023.

Thure Lindheardt

Thure is an award-winning actor and instructor. He is naturally curious, a trait evident in all aspects of his work. He graduated from the Acting School at Odense Theatre in 1998 and has appeared in over 80 films, TV series, and theater productions, including ‘The Bridge,’ ‘Flame & Citron,’ and ‘Hamlet.’ Additionally, he is a trained Acting Coach from the Ivana Chubbuck Studio in Los Angeles, with extensive experience in training and teaching dramaturgy and the associated physical elements in storytelling.

Sofie Busch

Sofie is a design engineer and she loves details with Sofie on the team you are sure that every corner of the projects will be carefully considered and designed for excellence.


Health ambassadors

Meet the health experts. They are ready to share their experience with you.

Lars Burmester

Lars is an experienced obstetric surgeon with more than 20 years of practice as a department leader and expert surgeon. In 2019 four sensory delivery rooms were introduced in Hjørring. Lars was leading the development of securing obstetric expertise. Lars has extensive experience using the sensorial delivery room both in everyday situations and more critical cases.

Do you have any questions concerning the obstetrical & critical situations, you are welcome to contact Lars:

Ann Fogsgaard

Ann Fogsgaard is the leading midwife at The Regional Hospital in Gødstrup. Since 2015 she has been leading the department, and today she operates 8 sensorial delivery rooms, she is one of the founders of the Future Delivery Room project in 2015 and her department has been chosen by the best Birthing department in Denmark since 2015. Ann is innovative and knows how to bring the best to every employee and project. She is constantly curious and is one of the leading forces in the Hospital in the field of Arts and Health.

Do you have any questions concerning midwifery & management, you are welcome to contact Ann:

Sensory delivery room
Delivery Room for families with stillborn children at Aalborg Univerrsity Hospital
Before and after, see case video

“It is not exactly the presence of a thing but rather the absence of it that becomes the cause and impulse for creative motivation”

Ukraian sculpture Alexander Archipenko